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seo strategy & Ux

Our SEO services can be requested in the form of individual counseling projects or in the form of monthly management schemes, depending on the specific needs and the web structure involved.


THE APPROACH THE STRATEGIC CHOICE The starting point is the strategic choice of keywords.
Defining them is the fundamental point of any SEO strategy. The target keywords are outlined in this phase, around which the architecture and content of the web site focus, and which also determine the future link-building strategies to be implemented.


ANALYSIS Afterwards, we proceed by analyzing the competitiveness of the keywords identified, which takes into account: • Product / service offered and identification of the most used search keywords; • Search trend for the keywords selected: growth, decline or stability; • Competitiveness: number of research results in relation to the number of optimized pages; • Identification of niche and strategic planning key words and phrases; • Analysis of competitors


SELECTION OF KEYS SOLUTION Having obtained this data, we work with the customer to select the search keys that cause the search engines to generate more traffic and achieve the best results from the business plan.
This strategy is also reanalyzed on a periodic basis, in order to get the most traffic and the best return on investment (ROI).