New digital banking models

New digital banking models

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Some of you maybe foresaw it, and we have to say that there was an online clue. Now we can finally tell you openly: we have been working since January with Hello bank! (if you don’t know it, it’s the online bank of BNL Group, BNP Paribas Group).

In detail, we are analyzing, month by month, online conversations about the whole Italian online banking landscape, providing our client with a complete and up to date description of Italian players online perception and of the consumers opinions about their products and services. The outcome is a  useful market picture to get marketing insights starting with data measurement, precious to evaluate current marketing actions, to correct possible critical situations and to suggest possible new activities. All the work is done using our listening platform Thread-Off.

Our Web Analytics Director Davide Magini, comments the collaboration in a press release we sent to describe this activity:

“It is a great pleasure to support the growth of a European enterprise like Hello Bank!. To support their grown path, from the debut on the Italian market, my team and I had to show a great operative dynamism, and a high service customization. Week after week we identified and classified clusters always more focused, analyzed both on the quantitative and the qualitative side, showing what we consider the key factor of our reliability. In other words, we provide the “human” contribution to the analysis, in addition to the software. That’s why we like to present ourselves as “Tailored Sentiment Analysis” suppliers.”

In the same direction we are reinforcing our presence in other mass markets, especially the entertainment one. It’s a industry where we are among the market leaders, and we are successfully experimenting a box office predictions algorithm, with the ambition of trying to reproduce the same service in other sectors.”

We asked Matteo Coppari, Head of Marketing & Sales at Hello bank!, his comment to the job we are doing together. Those are his words, and we are very glad of hearing them:

“Estrogeni’s Brandiment reports for us are the difference between lots of information hard to use and a rational synthesis giving a real absolute value. During these months we worked together, with a progressive refinement of the analysis dimensions and of the possibility of connecting the output with accurate marketing actions. So we achieved a valuable tool for our activities, seen with interest from other departments too.”

Do you want to know more? Give us a call, Tailored Sentiment Analysis doors are open for everybody.

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