It has been shown that taking estrogen in clusters rather than in blisters assists fertility more than polarised feelings

Marketing Intelligence

Markets are conversations. And on the web consumer judgments are the preferred source of information on the price, value and quality of a product/service. For this, Estrogeni has designed and built two platforms: Thread-Off, which makes it possible to measure online reputation and conduct an accurate sentiment analysis on brand image, on promotional campaigns and on products and services, even from the perspective of competitive intelligence; Drometauro, which makes it possible to measure the return on investments in marketing and communication.

The analysis is performed in a semi-automated manner enabling a degree of data accuracy unattained by current software, with reduced times and costs compared to focus groups and traditional market research. Our team can provide customized reports on request, which allow you to devise solutions for properly handling every business situation, including crisis management. Our clients include: Hello Bank!, Widiba, Warner Bros, Universal Pictures, Lucky Red, Koch Media, BIM, Lottomatica, Cinecittà si Mostra.