Projects with compact texture. As the best grès.

Projects with compact texture. As the best grès.

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It starts on September 26 the 2016 edition of Cersaie, the international exhibition of ceramic tile and bathroom furnishings.

Now in its 34th year, the event is hosted once again in the exhibition spaces of Fiera di Bologna, with 16 pavilions dedicated to the ceramic coating and 4 occupied by the bathroom sector companies. An international showcase, an opportunity to share views and ideas that will host over 800 companies from around the world.

On this occasion we would like to tell about the strategic and communication activities carried out in recent years for two companies working in this business, among our most loyal customers.
Two German companies with an international approach, with which we have been faced with success and mutual admiration for some time now: we are talking about TopGres and Porcelaingres.

But first things first, let’s present the activities carried out for these two clients.



Established in Minden, Germany, in 2002, TopGres operates in the business of porcelain stoneware tiles. With more than 3 million square meters of tiles distributed each year in over 29 countries, in a short time TopGres has managed to become market leader in its sector.

For this company we have carried out a number of marketing and communication activities, starting from the identification of a strategic positioning, which we then translated into a new slogan and logo, arriving to develop the corporate identity and the website.

An experience that begins in 2015, during which we have developed a series of graphic proposals that have led to a continuous and progressive alignment to the current logo, identified as the most valuable, effective and representative of the company values.

All this starting from a neologism that carries inside two reference concepts of the sector (facility and tiles), “Facilitiles“, which tells the linearity, efficiency and completeness with which the company manages the creative, production and distribution processes. But also the extensive experience that company boasts in its sector, the attention dedicated to the development and technical innovation, the combination of the quality of materials and contemporary design featuring TopGres products.


A mood which develops around the concept of gestures; gestures of the production process which recreates the corporeality of materials through graphic choices, giving the eye, synaesthetically, the feeling of contact with the product.



Besides the contact we mentioned above, we want also to tell about the one with the territory, Germany and in particular Minden, the town where it all started.


An image that we have been displaying through the complete communication, with particular attention to the internet site which, page after page, collection after collection, describes these values making them accessible to the user.



Born in 2003 in Vetschau, Germany, Porcelaingres produces slabs in very high quality porcelain stoneware. Endowed with advanced production facilities and oriented to the principles of sustainability, the company merges aesthetic taste and attention to materials and technical standards.

Our collaboration with this customer focused in the beginning on the monitoring and analysis of brand reputation. This first stage led to a series of digital marketing activities (set up of social channels and training on the social media management), after having identified a distinctive communication positioning.



Also in this case another keyword has been guiding our job: “details”. It didn’t happen by chance that we have “translated” and used this keyword as positioning and slogan (“de_tiles“, with direct reference to the production place and the product itself). Therefore a clear reference to the attention for details tipycal of the activity of this German company.


Also here we started with the analysis and listening in order to develop all the communication activities and to propose a possible and credible future scenario.

Because analysis and strategy are at the basis of every creative process.

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